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Geus, Aart De / Thode, Eric / Weidenfeld, Christiane
Europe Reforms Labour Markets
– Leaders‘ Perspectives –

Erl. v. Martin, John

Erscheinungsdatum:  März 2016
ISBN     978-3-11-036577-1
    Focusing on the perspectives of policy-makers, the book's purpose is to closely examine the factors that make for successful/unsuccessful labor market related policy reforms. The aim is to reveal the political aspects, namely the chances, challenges and impediments to designing labor market reforms and to establish the conditions under which successful labor market reforms can be advocated, adopted and implemented (process).
    The work includes exclusive interviews with twelve former European prime ministers about the labour market reforms they initiated in their respective countries:
        Wolfgang Schüssel
        Anders Fogh Rasmussen
        Andrus Ansip
        François Fillon
        Gerhard Schröder
        Georgios Papandreou
        Mario Monti
        Jan Peter Balkenende
        Jerzy Buzek
        Iveta Radicová
        Luis Rodríguez Zapatero
        Tony Blair